Bboy thesis vs lilou

Of course Asia also has their fair share of bboys and theres one who have caught my attention for awhile now.

Bboy thesis vs lilou

Overall protection, especially around the heel Sliding Bad for: Water resistance is below mediocre Another definite sight at bboy jams. Also commonly seen at punk rock festivals and high schools. Converse sold its rights to Nike after filing for bankruptcy in Also the Chuck Taylors are named after the basketball player and shoe evangelist Chuck Taylor.

Highly versatile — not just having one of the widest range of colourways, the Chuck Taylors is typically made of canvas material which allows you to… Well, paint on canvas. Probably the helium of sneakers Durability: Throwing into your luggage crumple it as you like High cut version of the Chuck Taylors is still light as fuck Colour and visual versatility Bad for: Rubber sides also chip away the more you break in this pair.

Comes in a couple of materials — pure leather, or nylon-suede combination. The Cortez is the first track shoe created by Nike, and was thought to be significant to the success of the Nike brand Who Wore It: Kendrick Lamar, Forrest Gump no way!?

Colour combinations are decent — some complement well, most are decent looking basic colours e. Leather version is slightly heavy but feels solid when you footwork in it.

Bboy thesis vs lilou

Fast to wear out, the sides can hold up though Good for: Versatile in colour matching with your full attire Sole cushioning — spongy material absorbs impact well especially at the heels Bad for: Distressed fashion they call it.

I am distressed about it too. Nobody else that I know of well, besides me Aesthetics: Complementary colours are well picked, combination of materials suede, mesh, rubber goes well together Weighing scale: The equivalent of plus-sized models for sneakers Durability: Sturdy and long-lasting Its resilience Breaks the visual plain-ness because of contrasting, complementary colours Lots of cushion around the whole foot, no worries about slamming too hard on your soles or stubbing your toes.

Weight but not as heavy as you think it is Meshed area is easily torn Meshed area absorbs water easily Nike Huarache Lightweight and chunkier at the back. I know a handful of people myself included who seem reluctant to break in Huarache after buying it.

Kobe with his Lakers colours. Huarache is actually a kind of Mexican sandal made of leather. I actually had to Wikipedia this to fact-check. Wait, you mean the sandal? Sleek design with some fresh colourways. Looks kinda structurally fragile though.Best of the Boston Celtics During Their Game Win Streak.

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