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Business report contents

Over the past two decades, the Seattle-based company built an e-commerce-centric business that now appears to be at an inflection point. Amazon Prime, which offers membership e-commerce bundled with business report contents digital media products.

Amazon Web Services, which leads the tech pack in cloud computing. Amazon was mentioned nearly 3, times in — more than Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft combined.

Some subsidiaries — many of which are the product of acquisitions — focus on specific categories, like Audible in audiobooks, Whole Foods in groceries, or Zappos in shoes. Despite recent job cuts, which are rare for the company, Amazon claimed to have hired aboutnew employees inexcluding employees of Whole Foods.

The company also plans to ramp up hiring in the future, especially with imminent plans for HQ2. As of FebruaryAmazon has over 13, current job openings.

AWS is the biggest area Amazon is scaling up: Amazon is unlikely to overpay for a high-flying, fully baked platform as the basis for the next dreamy business.

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Compared to its tech giant peers, Amazon is less acquisitive: Of course, some of these acquisitions were initially met with skepticism.

All of these help AWS cater to developers and become the go-to place for deploying code. Narrowly evading death itself in the bust, the company would be licking its wounds for years and was decidedly inactive in investment until the mids.

The majority of these investments are thematically linked to the AWS ecosystem, which now encompasses voice, AI, development tools, and cloud computing, among others. Of these 15 investments, 10 were completed as part of the accelerator program in Julywhile 5 were made independently of the accelerator program.

Google is far and away the biggest deal-maker, whereas Facebook and Apple hardly invest, opting instead to purchase companies outright or not invest at all.

These include investments from both the primary Amazon Alexa Fund and the Alexa Accelerator started in Notably, these startups all play into the voice category, the primary use case for Alexa, or into new human-computer interaction models.

However, the fund completed a record high number of deals in After a successful inaugural class in JulyAmazon recently announced a second Alexa Accelerator program, launching summer Investments here likely offers more strategic and synergistic value in bringing these products closer into the Alexa ecosystem than a chance at serious returns.

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Presently, Alexa Voice Service only works in English. Notably, the Alexa Fund has seen a high proportion of exits in the last few years. Since then time there have been 4 other exits.

Investment peaked in with 9 deals.

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Since then, annual investments have averaged less than half of that peak. Despite this recent slowdown in activity, Amazon is putting capital behind a wider variety of industries.

Early inthe company invested in its first biotech startup: GRAILwhich focuses on genomics for cancer diagnosis. Interestingly, Amazon has frequently co-invested with the same investment syndicate that helped the company launch.

All have invested in at least one company backed by Amazon. This analysis comes with a few caveats, primarily that the patent filing process involves a significant time lag before the publishing of patent applications. We also focused on Amazon proper for the purposes of this analysis, which would exclude patents absorbed through external acquisitions.

From a modest patents filed inthe company filed over patents just a few years later in Employment Situation Summary Table A.

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This report explores why business models matter. From technology to demography, the global economy is entering a new era.

business report contents

Reappraisal of value proposition. Amazon is the exception to nearly every rule in business.. Rising from humble beginnings as a Seattle-based internet bookstore, Amazon has grown into a propulsive force across at least 5 major industries: retail, logistics, consumer technology, cloud computing, and most recently, media & entertainment.

Data on display Summer surge: Strong-growth industries with seasonal employment spikes. When the temperature rises, employment heats up in these selected industries projected to have strong growth.

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