Buying papers online plagiarism

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Buying papers online plagiarism

Aug 29, About Essay and Coursework Services For those of you who are considering buying a custom-written research paper online, one of the more pressing questions in your mind is likely: Will I get into trouble if my purchase is discovered?

In this post, I will do my best to answer these questions and to offer potential strategies by which you can protect yourself if you face such accusations.

Prior to dissecting the legalities and philosophical questions inherent in this dilemma, please first allow me to introduce myself and demonstrate my qualifications to properly answer this question.

I am a former professor of Latin American and Caribbean History, and since that thankless and miserably underpaid year, I recreated myself into a full time academic writing professional. I have been working in this field for over three years now, and am uniquely qualified to answer this question.

In fact, there is nothing in United States Federal law, nor in any state law, that prevents you from commissioning a work of academic writing or any other type of writing, for that manner and paying for this service.

That being stated, all universities and colleges have their own, internal codes of conduct that may well prohibit students from purchasing papers online. In my own experience in academia, I observed that one of the stranger aspects of the university system is that each individual college and university seems to become a legal entity unto itself, and can create its own legislation and codes which it is then responsible for enforcing—very similar to a Native American reservation in the United States.

Some Terminology and Definitions Prior to expounding on this very important question, let us first examine how major universities in the United States define plagiarism. Any ideas or materials taken from another source for either written or oral use must be fully acknowledged, unless the information is common knowledge.

However, if you the valued customer were to willingly violate the Terms of Service that have been established by Jittery Monks, and turn in your custom-written paper as your own work, you are then engaging in the act of plagiarism.

Turning in academic work that has been written by another person, even if you have paid for it, without acknowledging this fact or properly crediting it, does place you in extreme danger of this accusation.

We do recognize that many customers will decide to take the risk of liability upon themselves, and submit these papers as their own work.

Speaking as both a current academic writing professional, and as a former professor, I must say that I cannot blame the customers of Jittery Monks for failing to resist this temptation! After all, when one beholds a beautifully written, thoroughly researched, and properly cited paper such as those that are produced by the expert writers at Jittery Monksit surely must seem completely blasphemous to even attempt to sully such a pristine work of writing or disrupt such precise argumentation in an attempt to circumvent what are often antiquated and arbitrary rules of academic conduct.

However, do be aware that you, the new owner of this fine piece of academic research, are running the major risk of running afoul of the codes of conduct that have been established by your professor and university.

Now, I am in no position to advocate that you willingly violate the Terms of Service that have been established by Jittery Monks, nor am I in any position to prevent you from doing so. If you go ahead an decide to submit the fine piece of scholarship that you receive from Jittery Monks as your own work without properly crediting it, there are some things you should know.

If a paper has been custom written, it obviously will not match any work that has been submitted previously by anyone, anywhere. For this reason, if you decide that you want to take a chance and submit a custom-written academic paper as your own work, be forewarned that you need to be exceptionally cautious as to the academic writing company that you select to provide this service.

The academic writing industry is completely self-regulated; as such, there are many unscrupulous companies and individual writers who have no qualms about selling you a paper that has been written previously and, probably, submitted previously as a completely new paper. Thus, if you trust the wrong writing company, you may find yourself with a very unpleasant surprise a few weeks down the line: However, when you select Jittery Monks as your academic writing service provider, and buy a paper online, you can rest assured that you will never, ever run the risk of being accused of plagiarism.

Each order is written from scratch based on your custom instructions. By request, the Jittery Monks team can provide you with a report verifying that your work will pass a plagiarism scan.

So, if you decide to go ahead and buy a paper online in order to submit it as your own work, you would be well advised to avail yourself of the trustworthy and honest writing services that are provided by Jittery Monks.

Once again, Jittery Monks does not condone the improper use of their materials whatsoever; however, they are what they say they are: They are not policemen, so once the transaction is closed, there is not much anyone can do about it if you decide to violate their Terms of Service.

Reflections Upon Plagiarism by a Former Professor To conclude this meditation on the question of whether buying an online paper constitutes plagiarism, I will end with a personal anecdote from my dark days of professorship.

During one fine Fall semester, I taught a large more than students survey course on Colonial Latin American history at the flagship campus of a state university system in the Southeast.Buy essay online at professional essay writing service.

Buying papers online plagiarism

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Buying papers online plagiarism

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