Critical analysis on marketing communications

My interests are varied, from photography to travel to writing a recently completed young adult fantasy novel. I led the media launch of several pioneering medical procedures, including the first lung transplant, the first artificial heart bridge-to-transplant procedure performed by Dr. William DeVriesand the first cochlear ear implant. While working for Humana, a Fortune company, I launched several company firsts, including an online health insurance product for small businesses, a full line of first-to-market consumer driven health plans, and the new Medicare Advantage MAPD and Prescription Drug Plans PDP introduced to Medicare beneficiaries in

Critical analysis on marketing communications

Transactional Analysis or TA as it is often called is a model of people and relationships that was developed during the s by Dr. It is based on two notions, first that we have three parts or 'ego-states' to our 'personality, and secondly that these converse with one another in 'transactions' hence the name.

TA is a very common model used in therapy and there is a great deal written about it. Parent, Adult and Child We each have internal models of parents, children and also adults, and we play these roles with one another in our relationships. We even do it with ourselves, in our internal conversations.

Parent There are two forms of Parent we can play. The Nurturing Parent is caring and concerned and often may appear as a mother-figure though men can play it too. They seek to keep the Child contented, offering a safe haven and unconditional love to calm the Child's troubles.

The Controlling or Critical Parent, on the other hand, tries to make the Child do as the parent wants them to do, perhaps transferring values or beliefs or helping the Child to understand and live in society. They may also have negative intent, using the Child as a whipping-boy or worse.

Adult the Adult in us is the 'grown up' rational person who talks reasonably and assertively, neither trying to control nor reacting aggressively towards others. The Adult is comfortable with themself and is, for many of us, our 'ideal self'. Child There are three types of Child we can play.


The Natural Child is largely un-self-aware and is characterized by the non-speech noises they make yahoo, whee, etc. They like playing and are open and vulnerable. The cutely-named Little Professor is the curious and exploring Child who is always trying out new stuff often much to their Controlling Parent's annoyance.

Together with the Natural Child they make up the Free Child. The Adaptive Child reacts to the world around them, either changing themselves to fit in or rebelling against the forces they feel.

Communications transactions When two people communicate, each exchange is a transaction.

Critical analysis on marketing communications

Many of our problems come from transactions which are unsuccessful. Parents naturally speak to Children, as this is their role as a parent. They can talk with other Parents and Adults, although the subject still may be about the children.

In fact these parts of our personality are evoked by the opposite. We also play many games between these positions, and there are rituals from greetings to whole conversations such as the weather where we take different positions for different events.

These are often 'pre-recorded' as scripts we just play out. They give us a sense of control and identity and reassure us that all is still well in the world. Other games can be negative and destructive and we play them more out of sense of habit and addiction than constructive pleasure.

Conflict Complementary transactions occur when both people are at the same level Parent talking to Parent, etc. Here, both are often thinking in the same way and communication is easier.Clear demonstration of a sophisticated, critical and thorough understanding of the role and nature of Marketing Communications and its diverse elements of marketing communication mix with several appropriate references B.

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Critical analysis on marketing communications

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Critical analysis of communication and promotion mix. Print There are different ways of communication in terms of marketing communication or personal communication and every author defines communication indifferently.

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