Descriptive essay on canteen

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Descriptive essay on canteen

Amatol - An explosive mixture of ammonium nitrate and TNT. Ammunition Identification Ammunition is identified by markings and color-coding on the items themselves, the containers, and the packing boxes.

This appendix gives a basic explanation of markings and color-coding.

Descriptive essay on canteen

Because color-coding is a more ready means of identification, it is given greater emphasis here. AP - Armor Piercing. Projectile for use against heavily armored targets. Very little explosive within the shell, as it must Descriptive essay on canteen almost solid in order to penetrate through armor plate.

Most AP shells have a cap fitted over the nose which is intended to exert a high initial force on the face of the armor. In addition, a ballistic cap is usually fitted over the AP Cap to provide a more streamlined shape for better aerodynamic characteristics.

Arrow Shell - A fin-stabilized HE projectile. Propellant bags were manufactured from a special coarse silk known as "shallon" or "cartridge cloth. Rayon bags replaced silk ones in the USN after a serious propellant fire aboard USS South Dakota BB in was traced to a spark generated when a bag was removed from its metallic container.

Ballistic Cap - Often called a "windshield," this is a covering on the nose of a projectile which is intended to provide a more streamlined shape for better aerodynamic - ballistic - characteristics. Back to Top Ballistic Coefficient - Measure of the ability of a projectile to overcome air resistance.

Sectional density is calculated from the mass M of the projectile divided by the square of its diameter. The value of F decreases with as the pointedness of the projectile increases.

A projectile shaped like a sphere would have the highest F value while one in the shape of a long needle would have the lowest F value. Ballistic Conditions - Conditions which affect the motion of a projectile in the bore and through the atmosphere, including muzzle velocity, weight of projectile, size and shape of projectile, rotation of the earth, density of the air, elasticity of the air and the wind.

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Ballistic Curve - Actual path or trajectory of a projectile. Ballistic Density - Computed constant air density that would have the same total effect on a projectile during its flight as the varying densities actually encountered.

Ballistic Efficiency - Ability of a projectile to overcome the resistance of the air. Ballistic efficiency depends chiefly on the weight, diameter and shape of the projectile. Ballistic Limit - Velocity at which a given type of projectile will perforate a given thickness and type of armor plate at a specified obliquity.

Ballistics, Internal, Intermediate, External and Terminal - Internal Ballistics is the study of what the projectile does from the moment of firing up until it leaves the muzzle of the weapon.

Intermediate Ballistics is the study of the projectile between the time it exits the muzzle until it overtakes the muzzle shock waves and enters normal atmosphere. External Ballistics is the study of what the projectile does as it travels from the end of the intermediate stage to the target.

Terminal Ballistics is the study of what the projectile does as it strikes the target. Balloting - The bounding from side to side of a projectile in the bore of a gun. Base - The after end of the projectile, usually described as that portion between the driving bands and the bottom of the projectile.

Base Bleed - This is a unit on the base of a projectile that generates a gas, something like a tracer. What this does is fill in the vacuum that is created behind a rapidly moving projectile and thus greatly reduces the amount of drag acting on the projectile.

The gas also acts like a long tail, making the projectile more stable in flight. The end result of these actions is an increase in range and accuracy. Base Cover - A metal cover that is crimped, caulked or welded to the base of a projectile.

This cover prevents the propellant gasses from coming in contact with the explosive filler of the projectile through possible flaws in the metal of the base.Canteen descriptive essay 21 November Tiglic acid synthesis essay self evaluation essay summary why gmos are bad essay mountain lion research paperResearch paper abstract tense 2 page essay on the civil war hamlet essay introductions should high school extended 5 years essay compare and contrast essay about college essayons cat calling.

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