Essay about jeddah city

Jeddah is a Saudi province in Makah. It located in the west of the kingdom and in the middle of the eastern coast of the Red Sea. Nickname of Jeddah is the bride of the Red Sea and it is the economic and tourism capital of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Essay about jeddah city

The main causes of traffic congestion are the large number of cars, and poor public transport systems.


Thus, finding solutions for traffic problem are constantly required in this city. One of these solutions is to take fees from car drivers, using some important roads in this city, and use this money to improve public transport systems. There are several benefits to applying this solution.

First, this idea will reduce the traffic congestion on some important roads, because drivers will use alternative ways, which are without fees.

Essay about jeddah city

In addition, the lifetime of these roads will be longer. Furthermore, where it is expected to get a considerable amount of money from these revenues, these fees are typically used to finance the construction and the maintenance of the transportation system.

Of course, some would object to this solution. Some will say that Jeddah city belongs to an oil country which has sufficient money to solve the public transportation problems without relying on this solution.

In fact, depending on oil as a unique source of money is considered extremely Essay about jeddah city, because it is non-renewable source and it will deplete at any time. Therefore, we need to find alternative sources for the development of all the facilities and not only transportation systems.

Another objection that the drivers who will not pay this fees will use alternative ways to drive. Consequently, the traffic congestion will be transferred to these ways, which are without taxes.

Sculptures of Jeddah

In fact, the amount of that money or fees will be used to improve the flow of vehicles traffic in those roads. For example, the authorized persons will support the research and ideas that will help to achieve this goal.

Essay about jeddah city

It would help to improve the transportation systems by using this money in maintenance and research projects. Organizers of traffic in this city have proposed several solutions to this problem. For example, the use of smart and interactive signals in important intersections is one of these solutions.

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However, I think that the solution proposed in this essay will be one of the best and it will help us to achieve the flow of traffic in this city.

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The widespread use of internet in educational process motivates the use of e-books or tablets in schools.Jeddah is a huge city located on the coast of Red Sea in the western of Saudi Arabia. It is belonging to Mecca province. The population is over 3 million and its area about square kilometers.

May 30,  · The city of Jeddah is one of the most beautiful coastal cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and attracts tourists from all over the world. If you are looking for information about the city of Jeddah, you will find here everything that interests you in essay about Jeddah.

The scheme initiated in the seventies by the Mayor of Jeddah, Dr Mohamed Said Farsi, for the city’s renewal, by means of sculptures and urban landmarks – many of them created by international modern masters – is one such story.

Today, Jeddah has lost its historical role in peninsular politics after Jeddah fell within the new province of Makkah, whose provincial capital is the city of Mecca. From to , the new Khuzam Palace was built as the new residence of King Abdul Aziz in rutadeltambor.comy: Saudi Arabia.

Sep 25,  · Nickname of Jeddah is the bride of the Red Sea and it is the economic and tourism capital of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Population of about 3,, people.

Jeddah is the second largest city in Saudi Arabia after the capital Riyadh. Essay by Chris Dercon; s. Jeddah is truly a city of sculpture. It has been estimated that there are up to sculptures placed around the squares, streets and avenues of the city. Works from virtually every major movement and discipline from the past century have contributed to this city’s rich history.

Some, like the famous Bicycle.

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