Experiential learning activity 3

I am grateful to Martin Thompson of MTAan expert in the experiential learning field for the following detailed explanation of the concept and its core principles, chiefly as they apply to the facilitation of experiential learning activities and events.

Experiential learning activity 3

This comprehensive and powerful experiential learning kit contains 53 high impact experiential activities that generate a wide range of learning opportunities in areas such as team skills, leadership, communication, problem solving and change.

MTa Insights is incredibly versatile and infinitely flexible. There are activities that will test, challenge and stimulate participants of all levels, from entry level apprentices to the most senior of leaders.

The Marshmallow Challenge is not a good experiential learning activity. | Experiential Learning

The activities range from 10 minute ice-breakers to 3 hour leadership tasks. Comprehensive facilitator guides that include: I would recommend again and again…there is nothing else like this in the market as far as I know Also, the support personally from Martin has been superb, willing on one occasion to provide free advice on the best choice of activity for a particular event.

We use MTa materials all of them! We have also used the kit when working with specific large-scale business issues, such as merging local businesses into regional structures. MTa staff are our friends — and they are professionals. They have assisted us to redesign set activities for our specific use and have supported us in getting kit sent to unusual places around the globe…timely!

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They are not only responsive, but proactive in working with us and in anticipating our needs. They even help us to know the most economical ways in which to use their kit! I'd recommend the kit and accompanying manuals to anyone.

Experiential learning activity 3

The cadets love the hands on approach of the activities and the equipment is sturdy and rugged. In addition to having fun, the learning outcomes are clear and thought provoking. The products, support materials and methods are excellent. Tim Edby, Britannia Sailing Trust."Experiential Learning" Lesson Plan.

2 Learning Objectives Recognize the five steps of the Experiential Learning Model. 2. Experience the model. 3. Describe how Experiential Learning applies to positive youth development.

Supplies & Resources Needed By participating in the activity, they are learning something new. By using trial and. This is a powerful experiential learning kit that contains everything you need to deliver 53 high impact experiential activities with a wide range of learning opportunities: from team working, leadership, communication, business %(6).

Experiential learning has the capacity to be much more open than this, to lead you to unexpected conclusions tailored to you. Secondly, there is a technical bias to the activity, openly acknowledged in the presentation: engineers and architects consistently build higher towers than all the other groups – towers that don’t fall down when the.

Jan 13,  · Facilitator Toolkit - "Blindfold Activity 1" - Experiential Learning Traffic Jam Game - teambuilding activity - Duration: Make Impact with Experiential Learning.

Experiential learning is the process of learning from an experience, a hands-on approach. Kolb () defines experiential learning as the process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of the experience.

Experiential learning focuses on gaining knowledge firsthand instead of simply hearing or reading about a topic, but just because an activity is hands-on does not mean it is experiential learning.

A key element of experiential learning is reflecting on the experience and applying the concepts.

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