Explain why the liberals won a

The Psychological Causes of Political Madness. Please take a few minutes to read about a book that will change forever the way you look at politics. The Liberal Mind is the first systematic examination of human nature and human freedom.

Explain why the liberals won a

Reporter Shows an AR Shooting a Watermelon; One BIG Problem Advertisement - story continues below Mainstream journalists are notoriously bad at covering gun stories, routinely flubbing even the most basic and easily-checkable details about how firearms like the AR and their various variations, attachments, and modifications work.

Explain why the liberals won a

It purports to showcase the destructive power of the AR, the rifle used by both the Texas church murderer and the hero who prevented him from killing anyone else, with a video clip of the gun being fired at a watermelon.

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Focus your eyes on the gun rather than the target. Advertisement - story continues below Even Hollywood tends to get some aspects of the shotgun right, especially the pump-action needing to be…you know…pumped.

Feb 12,  · Now let me explain why I still think the answer is no, why I can’t just win the victory over myself and learn to love Big Donald. Here I’ll draw on an argument between two liberals, ruminating on how the possibility of a Trump nomination should be regarded on the left. The liberals believe in cultural relativism, where all cultures are equal, not one tribe over the other, this is why President Donald Trump and liberals cannot agree over policy. The Globe and Mail takes a look at the campaign-changing events from the writ drop on Aug. 2 to the Liberal sweep on Oct.

The weapon is pumped, then fired. For good measure, Bearing Arms provides an actual video of an AR being used to shoot a watermelon.

Explain why the liberals won a

Finally, Knighton explains why neither video says anything truly meaningful about the threat either weapon poses to human beings: Flesh of any kind reacts very differently to being shot than fruit does. Shooters like pumping rounds into watermelons because of their fragile nature.

They react violently when shot, thus looking really cool and making everyone shooting feel really tingly all over. But hey, when have liberals ever allowed facts to get in the way of scaring voters, especially when the topic is firearms?

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CAQ support was high among trade workers, while Québec Solidaire did well with part-time workers

Please take a moment and consider sharing this article with your friends and family.For example, the liberal worldview analysis must explain why environmentalism, feminism, support for social programs, and progressive taxation fit naturally together for liberals, while the conservative worldview analysis must explain why their opposites fit together naturally for conservatives.

Why are there no models of democratic socialism? Although no country has fully instituted democratic socialism, the socialist parties and labor movements of other countries have won . I agree with the tiered system, I just don't know why Hillary Clinton said single payer won't work.

She was brutally honest during the campaign. I believe she was telling the truth, I just don't know exactly why. Nov 10,  · At the same time, many liberals have expressed a grim satisfaction in watching the Republican Party tear itself apart.

Can someone explain why single payer won't work in the US. : neoliberal

Even the question "What makes people vote Republican?" hints at something amiss in the mind of the conservative, along the lines of "Why do people believe weird things?" As Haidt notes, the standard liberal line is that people vote Republican because they are "cognitively inflexible, fond of hierarchy, and inordinately afraid of uncertainty.

It’s easy to see why liberals are panicking over the #Brexit vote. It was a vote for freedom.

Commentary I was deeply saddened to vote for him. His personality, his mannerisms and his inexperience repulse me.
How the Trudeau Liberals won a majority in the federal election - The Globe and Mail Thanks so much for directing me here, and I will visit again. Few people take the time to identify the significant dots of our time.
What Makes People Vote Republican? | rutadeltambor.com Put differently, Stephen Harper is gone, but the money is still pouring in. But as the fundraising totals demonstrate, the one-man band left his instruments behind.
Why did people vote for Donald Trump? Voters explain | US news | The Guardian The conservatives are right. The ascendancy of conservative ideology in recent years and, in particular, the startling conservative victory in the congressional elections have left liberals mystified about a great many things.

Liberals abhor the idea of self-governance and rejection of globalism.

Moral Politics: How Liberals and Conservatives Think, by George Lakoff, an excerpt