How to write an article about an event you attended

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How to write an article about an event you attended

How to Throw an Epic Launch Party in 10 Steps Here's how you can have a great launch -- and make sure all the right people are there.

Getty Images A few weeks ago, I received an invitation to the launch party of a startup modeling agency. They were holding their event at Bootsy Bellows, a club located in Hollywood, founded by David Arquette.

I arrived around 15 minutes after the set start time of the event, and the place was already half full. Within an hour, the place had hit capacity. Top industry partners and service providers were there including top L. Even a few celebrities had made their way to the event.

The room was filled with current and future clients who were ready to start signing deals with the agency.

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Beyond the event you're planning or the company you work for, the type of person you are matters. Francis is one of the most genuine and honest people I have met. That genuineness allows people to gain trust in him. His company is part of a service-driven industry, and strong relationships are the basis of its foundation.

Build a solid reputation. It's hard to build a reputation from scratch in an industry you aren't familiar with, especially if you are starting a brand new company. Models and Industry Model Group before starting his own venture. Within that timeframe, he had built a list of everyone from service providers to celebrities to buyers.

That list of contacts is what makes him money and is able to create his success. Invest in your relationships. You can't just build a list and expect things to work. A lot of people who network just meet people once, store their card and never contact them again.

Francis takes time out of his busy schedule to call, meet with, and spend time with each person in his network. He makes them feel special and appreciated. Be a person people enjoy being around. I've met a lot of business owners in my day who have either kept trying to sell me their product, drained the life out of me, or weren't able to connect with me on an emotional level.

He shows interest in who you are, what you do, what your interests are, and he wants to make sure you are happy. He invests heavily into each client that is in his book of contacts. Make sure no other major events conflict with yours. Every major modeling agency in the world did their summer parties earlier in the season.

how to write an article about an event you attended

He could have made his event at the same time as everyone else's, but instead he decided to do it at the end of July. He didn't have to compete to get his clients to his event because everyone had a free schedule that month.

Do your event at a unique location. Because of that, people lose interest in attending. He's doing his next event at the beach. By having events at locations people aren't expecting them to be at, it creates a sense of curiosity.

In order to attend the event, you had to be a direct contact of the company founders or models.Those are the nuts and bolts of writing a press release for an event. Now, let's look at the basic dos and don'ts of writing a press release for an event.

Make your PR a cut above the rest. Hubspot also has a good blog on the matter and even offers a recommended press release template. DOs. Start out strong and succinct. The timeline lists events in the external environment that have influenced events in human history.

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The query letter has one purpose, and one purpose only: to seduce the agent or editor into reading or requesting your work. The query letter is so much of a sales piece that you should be able to write it without having written a single word of the manuscript.

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how to write an article about an event you attended
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