Neil christies tips on the best way to fix greed

Has there ever been a political reversal of fortune as rapid and as absolute as the one just experienced by Chris Christie? One minute, he was releasing jokey vanity videos starring Alec Baldwin and assorted celebrity pals; the next, he was being ridiculed by his lifelong idol, Bruce Springsteen. Mere weeks ago, Christie was a straight-talking, corruption-busting everyman.

Neil christies tips on the best way to fix greed

For one thing, the data were far less noisy than usual for a survey. In May, Broockman, Kalla, and fellow researcher Peter Aranow aired their suspicions in a page report.

Radio host Ira Glass was one of them. He had featured the study in a segment on his popular program, This American Life. Our original story was based on what was known at the time.

One need only consider the steady parade of contradictory health claims in the news: Perhaps the most notable hit to science, however, was a recent large-scale attempt to replicate published psychology studies, fewer than half of which could actually be re-created.

In fact, just 39 percent. No one is suggesting that the other 61 studies, or even a small percentage of them, were falsified. Science and journalism seem to be uniquely incompatible: Where journalism favors neat story arcs, science progresses jerkily, with false starts and misdirections in a long, uneven path to the truth—or at least to scientific consensus.

News proceeds apace, and journalists have to scramble to stay on top of the news cycle. Sometimes, in the rush to beat deadlines, accuracy falls by the wayside.

Underlying all this is what he sees as a fundamental tension at the core of science journalism. Better journalism is at best half the solution, though. MacCoun, the public policy professor, says the expectations for researchers just entering the job market are tougher than ever.

In the beginning, he explains, journals were simply a way to relate the proceedings of meetings of small groups of amateur scientists. But as science became a profession and institutions formed, journals began vetting the results of studies and, due to limited space, only published what they found most interesting.

The selection process, fraught with subjectivity and prey to the whims of scientific trends, tends to ignore the integrity of experimental methods in favor of eye-catching results, says Eisen. After Charles Darwin returned from his voyage on the Beagle, he spent eight painstaking years identifying, classifying, describing, and drawing barnacles, producing sketches and observations that marine biologists still use today.

Inscientists announced that they had discovered arsenic in DNA—results that were, again, published in Science.

Neil christies tips on the best way to fix greed

It took about an hour after it was published before people started shooting holes in it, and ultimately people tested the idea and it all turned out to be wrong. But Stanford political scientist Neil Malhotra found that studies that yielded strong, positive results were 60 percent more likely to be written up than were null results.

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The conventional threshold for statistical significance is a p-value of 0. Do you give up on your hunch? You have to train people to think that way. You have to run your lab and do your own research in a way that recognizes your intrinsic tendency to believe in things you think are true.

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