News writing and reporting syllabuses

My job is to teach you how to report and write those stories. The better you tell accurate stories, the higher your grade. If you write your stories well, you get to share them with the Doane community through The Doane Owl newspaper, and with the world through Doaneline and social media.

News writing and reporting syllabuses

The Department of Language and Literature has determined that journalism courses require a word minimum in writing assignments. Catalog Course Description This intensive workshop course stresses news reporting and writing techniques important in both print media and online news.

Coverage of news events on and off-campus is supplemented by in-class deadline writing exercises. Students learn to check facts using the internet, and to promote their work using social media.

They take weekly news quizzes and are required to read a newspaper or news website on a daily basis; they seek out and use a variety of news outlets and sources, including online and in print.

Writing Students write a series of news-writing exercises; articles for the class in the basic news beats, including police, town government, and the courts; and articles for the College newspaper. Journalism Fundamentals Students conduct interviews and gather information from both live sources and the Internet.

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They report on stories in a variety of news beats, including the police, courts, and town government; and they cover a live speaking event on campus. They learn about the First Amendment, press freedoms, and libel law. Students learn about the techniques used in writing for the web.

They create and maintain a basic website or blog in which they archive their online articles. Assessment Methods for Course Learning Goals Students take a series of quizzes based on the readings in the course textbooks.

Students take weekly news quizzes to assess their knowledge of current events. Students complete a series of timed news writing exercises to assess their news writing skills. Through discussions and evaluation of their writing, students are assessed on their understanding of plagiarism, libel, and objectivity and fairness of news coverage.

By studying and evaluating specific examples of newspaper work by professionals, students demonstrate their understanding of the need to promote the public good and recognition that their actions carry responsibilities and consequences.

Through evaluation of their news stories, students are assessed on their ability to judge the reliability of a variety of sources of information, both live and online. Students are also assessed on their ability to overcome obstacles and solve problems in the newsgathering process by finding alternative information sources when the most common sources are unavailable or not adequate.

news writing and reporting syllabuses

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It’s time to build our understanding of the structure, features and content of the new syllabus documents, and . NSW curriculum and syllabuses K-6 stage statements and time allocation Assessment and reporting Life Skills Eligibility News Archive Year 11 – Year The following are syllabuses for various media-related courses I’ve taught, divided by semester.

Please feel free to use the syllabuses to help guide in creation of your own. Spring Mass Media Law & Ethics at Oklahoma City University Public Relations Writing at Oklahoma City University News Editing at Oklahoma City University Media Relations and [ ].

Your job in this class is to tell stories by writing them.

My job is to teach you how to report and write those stories. The better you tell accurate stories, the higher your grade. news writing and reporting necessary for a journalism career.

Attendance/Participation: Journalists must be reliable. Missing assignments can cost you your job. If you miss a class you are likely to miss a graded assignment, which will affect your final grade.

news writing syllabus. Academics. JOUR News Reporting and Writing Department of Language & Literature: Journalism I. Course Number and Title JOUR News Reporting and Writing.

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