Nutrition case studies worksheets

About this product Synopsis Nutrition Education, Second Edition provides a simple, straightforward model for designing effective nutrition education that addresses the personal and environmental influences that affect food choice and assists individuals in adopting healthy behaviors. Using a six-step process, this text integrates theory, research, and practice and provides advice on designing, implementing, and evaluating theory-based nutrition education. The role of nutrition education is to address the numerous personal and environmental influences on food choices and assist individuals in practicing healthy behaviors. Nutrition Education, Second Editionprovides students with a simple, straightforward model to easily design effective nutrition education.

Nutrition case studies worksheets

All the Nutrition case studies worksheets studies were implemented by teachers who had some experience of teaching through inquiry, but the students involved had not been taught through inquiry in CS1 or CS2 both Slovakia and in CS3 Portugal.

The students involved in the case studies were aged years and of mixed ability and gender. The activity was implemented as a minute block in Slovakia.


It was divided into two lessons in CS3 Portugal: In CS3 Portugal and CS6 Sweden, the materials required for the activity were not available, and so the unit was implemented as a theoretical planning investigation.

The key skills identified for assessment were planning investigations and forming coherent arguments, as well as associated scientific reasoning capabilities. However, in CS3 Portugal the teacher chose to assess skills in developing hypotheses and working collaboratively.

The assessment methods used include classroom dialogue, teacher observation and evaluation of worksheets, presentations or other student artefacts.

Nutrition case studies worksheets

The inquiry approach used in all the case studies was that of guided inquiry, i. During implementation of the activities in this unit, the optimal number of students per class is It is possible to work with classes of about 30 students, but assessment is more difficult for the teacher.

With a large number of students an interactive demonstration is recommended, with the inclusion of discussion sequences. Assessment focuses on student proposals relating to the preparation and arrangement of samples, formulation of assumptions and hypotheses. All teachers organised their students into smaller groups, consisting of members.

There are examples of single gender groups in CS3 Portugal, and also of mixed-sex groups in all case studies.

The students in all of the case studies worked in groups throughout the lessons, but there was variation in both how the groups were chosen and the group size. Within the six case studies, the inquiry skills of planning investigations, developing hypotheses, working collaboratively, scientific reasoning arguing for a chosen method, drawing conclusions based on evidence and scientific literacy were assessed.

Formative assessment was useful, in particular for assessment of working collaboratively. Assessment methods included classroom dialogue, teacher observation, evaluation of written artefacts worksheets, student devised materials, presentations and self-assessment.

Below you can find the full inquiry and assessment unit for download excluding the case studiesas well as an archive containing all the case studies.It includes worksheets and case studies to provide a clear illustration of each step. Part III describes the nuts and bolts of implementing nutrition education, including information on leading groups, working with diverse populations, making presentations, and using media effectively.

This fantastic unit study will capture your student’s attention as it explores nutrition. He will start with the basic biology and anatomy of the digestive system, and continue onto how what we eat affects our health and from where our food comes. Case studies and an evidence-based medicine approach to practice will be used to help students integrate and apply their knowledge of nutrition, dietetics, metabolism and physiology, with the ultimate goal of producing students who can effectively plan and manage the nutritional.

Below are several examples of my work in the nutrition field, including a term paper, powerpoint presentation, and several case studies with patient assessment notes. A sample ADIME note related to the Therapeutic Lifestyle Change diet.

Nutrition Case Study Assessment.. 31 2 Worksheet and Case Study Assignment Unit 7 – Applying the principals of nutrition as part of a personal training programme. OCR Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training 2 Guidance for Centres • OCR’s assessments for this unit are available to download free of charge from our website.

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