Olgas thanking speech

DignityUSA is an organization of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Catholics. Its members are both deeply Catholic and, of course, very concerned about justice in the church and civil society for LGBT people. In the two or three times that I have been at a DignityUSA conference, I have always found what can only be described as a palpable sense of prayer and spirituality.

Olgas thanking speech

Family background My surname is Alvo and my first name is Haim. I was born on 28th Junein Thessaloniki, which is where my parents and all my other ancestors were born, too. My family must have originated from Portugal.

I know that because the name Alvo is widely used in Portugal.

Olgas thanking speech

Usually in Sephardic families the first child that is born would be named after the paternal grandfather and the second one would be given the name on the maternal grandfather. The same procedure applied to the girls.

In case the first child was a boy and the second one a girl, then the second one would take the name of the maternal grandmother. Each side of the family had the right of one name of the first born children.

My paternal grandfather was called Haim Alvo. I don't remember when he was born. I think he died when he was seventy years old, in or He went to both a Turkish and a Greek school, and the religious school where rabbis used to teach.

It was called Talmud Torah. He spoke Turkish fluently. My grandmother on my father's side was called Rachel and she died during the occupation. I think it was in I think that her paternal surname was Barzilay or Menache. My father, Simon Alvo, was born in His older brother, Joseph Alvo, was born in So, if my grandmother was seventeen years old when she first gave birth then she must have been born around She must have been the same age as her husband.

I think that in Rachel's family there must have been rabbis as well. They were not well known rabbis, but the ones from the smaller synagogues.

Her family was middle class, or lower middle class, just like Grandfather's. What I mean is that they would have enough money to make a living, but that was it. My grandmother was completely illiterate but had a practical mind.

She had a great impact as the head of the family. In Jewish families the women were really the mater familias.

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They would run the place. Rachel knew a few Turkish words and Ladino [1]. She later learned Greek because she had maids that were Greek. And she picked it up from her maids.Our thank you speeches cover many different possibilities.

We invite you to use them as they are, or adapt them to your needs, knowing that each speech is a fundamental .

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