Perceptions of breastfeeding essay

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Perceptions of breastfeeding essay

Health Benefits Some of the participants had positive intentions to breastfeed their children because they strongly believed that breastfeeding encouraged bonding for both mother and child. Participants suggested that the immunological health benefits of nursing and the long-term cognitive benefits were factors that should encourage mothers to nurse.

They also stated that children who were breastfed were much brighter and attached emotionally than those who were not. Participants also identified human milk as natural, with the nutrients a child needs, and is the best for both the mother and her offspring. Participants also noted that mothers who breastfeed lost weight quicker in comparison to women that did not.

Below are the excerpts that support the information stated above: Healthy, the best thing for everybody, you and the baby. You lose the weight way quicker … way quicker. For me a huge reason is the immunological health benefits of nursing and the long-term cognitive benefits.

Those or children that are nursed are much brighter and more attached emotionally than those that are not. I read a study, if you breastfed you are less likely to get breast cancer later on.

Lack of Information Participants indicated that breastfeeding was not mentioned during their prenatal or postnatal medical visits. Thus, some participants did not receive any pertinent information about breastfeeding from any health professional.

The lack of discussion about breastfeeding between healthcare providers and mothers contributed to decisions to not nurse their newborns.

Perceptions of breastfeeding essay

Participants suggested that including breastfeeding information in prenatal education would have been beneficial in teaching and providing education about the differences between human milk and milk substitutes.

Supportive communication about breastfeeding would have assisted tremendously toward helping new mothers to breastfeed. Outside of this, none.

They drew me to any doctor. Through health education classes. They should mention it.

Topographic point and Duration of Study

Negative Perceptions of Breastfeeding by Others Many participants noted that lack of breastfeeding support and negativity in regards to breastfeeding were pronounced within their interpersonal relationships and public associations, which affected breastfeeding initiation or cessation.

Participants indicated that their mothers, grandmothers, and women who attended their churches firmly stated that breastfeeding led to the sagging skin of the breast. Participants noted that breastfeeding initiation was difficult due to a lack of family role models that breastfeed.

Others reported that they received free synthetic milk through Women, Infants, and Children WICand these governmental agencies assisted in their decision to use formula. Participants who were employed emphasized that their supervisors and co-workers were either unsupportive or against breastfeeding.


In addition, participants expressed shame from various people about breastfeeding publicly. Lack of Family Support This is my fourth pregnancy. I tried to breastfeed with my first but it was a terrible experienced so I stopped. I made the choice in the beginning, because nobody in my family has done a whole lot of breastfeeding.

My grandmother telling me that my breast would sag. You know breasts are suppose to be for sex. And so then they wanted me to pump in the closet. My coworker was so anti-breastfeeding, she was not supportive.

When I told her that I want to go pump and she was my boss, she made it really hard for me. Lack Support Publicly As far as doing it in public. Some participants noted that WIC gave resourceful breastfeeding information.Breastfeeding For Public Controversy: Breastfeeding Essay There are instances all over the country with women breastfeeding on a plane, in a restaurant or a department store being asked to cover up, head to the restroom or leave all together.

Free Essay: Providing an infant with breast milk is one the most important physiological benefits a new mother can provide for her child and is described as.

Perception and practices of mothers breastfeeding October 13, admin Articles 0 To place the cognition, attitude and pattern about chest eating in general community. The purpose of this study was to examine differences in attitudes and perceptions in regards to breastfeeding and determine whether or not there is a relationship between race/ethnicity and cultural upbringing and breastfeeding attitudes and perceptions among college students.

In this essay, we will argue that the globalization of formula feeding, the promotion of bottle feeding through media, health systems and policies, societal pressures and health problems all serve as physical and social factors that reduce breastfeeding practices worldwide.

PERCEPTION AND kNOwLEDGE ON EXCLUSIVE BREASTFEEDING AMONG wOMEN ATTENDING ANTENATAL AND POSTNATAL CLINICS. A STUDY FROM MBARARA HOSPITAL Breastfeeding is the process of feeding the infant with perceptions towards EBF, for example a study in.

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