Reflective nonverbal communication and john

Scenario Jan 2, Have you heard of it?

Reflective nonverbal communication and john

These negative elements run rampant throughout the movie in attempt to show a typical day in the life for the people of Los Angels. NO matter how hard some of the characters try to negate their own racial stereotype, in some way or form it becomes inevitable that they must live out the stereotype to exist in the society they live in.

Ryan is a middle-aged police officer in Los Angels, California who has been with the force for seventeen years, with a knack for being exceedingly racist in his multiple encounters with African Americans.

Although Officer Ryan is an incredibly verbal person, his use of nonverbal communication speaks even louder. We will write a custom essay sample on Interpersonal Communication Reflective Paper Order now More Essay Examples on This is prevalent in the way he way he carries himself; shoulders back, chest out, and head cocked.

I depict Ryan as a white supremacist. Not only is he racial, but also sees himself as being above those of color. He seems to think that he is entitled to the power that comes from his ethnicity. Throughout the film, there are consecutive occurrences when Officer Ryan uses nonverbal and interpersonal communication to assert his authority ND social supremacy.

The first instance being when Officer Ryan pulled over Cameron and Christine, a classy black couple, for presumably taking part in oral sex whilst maneuvering a vehicle.

Ryan had so much underlying hatred towards blacks; he used his power to exercise inappropriate behavior towards an innocent couple of color.

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He was soon shocked to find that the LAP does not share workplace values or norms that are expected of law enforcement officers. Hen he shook hands with Hansen, he held on and squeezed extremely tight, assuring him that after years of doing this, he will come a different person; implying that after some time of working in the force, he, too, will become racist.

Reflective nonverbal communication and john

Again, he was using this hand gesture to exert authority over one of his colleagues. In our society, particularly the South, there are many people with mindsets alike Officer Ryan. Although there are many people who would instantly recognize the racial injustices of his behavior, there are also many people who would justify it because of the general stereotype of blacks.

The media somewhat perpetuates the stereotype of blacks simply by showing their gang activity, criminal accounts, ND poverty levels. As a result, every offense a black person commits reinforces his misinterpretation of the black population as a whole.

Instead of seeing a person who commits a crime as a sinful human being who has made wrong decisions in life, he assumes the reason they commit such crimes is merely because they are black.

Reflective nonverbal communication and john

He interpreted this event in an extremely negative way: While it is debatable whether or not he always had a negative mood towards African-Americans, there is certainly no denying a change in feelings.

The second emotional event for Ryan was hen he eventually saves Christine Thayer from a car crash.The motion picture Crash is an extremely thought provoking movie about the underlying racial tensions in our society, with the representation of black, Hispanic, and Middle Eastern ethnicities and the stereotypes associated with each.

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REFLECTIVE CYCLE Description On my second week of clinical placement during the handover, the registered nurse who I was “buddied” with and I were informed that we would be looking after John (not his real name) who had been suffering from retention of urine, and was in considerable pain on this particular shift.

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essay 1 writers narrative. Process Analysis Essay. and have gained a better ability to read nonverbal communication by using ethos, pathos, and logos.

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Uploaded by. api Now that you have watched the video, you probably have some feelings and opinions about the interaction between these two teachers. Below are some questions to consider and discuss and even write down before talking to a colleague about them.

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