Scottish independence for and against essay

With the clock ticking, the Evening News has distilled some of the key arguments on each side.

Scottish independence for and against essay

Kingdom of Scotland Scotland emerged as an independent polity during the Early Middle Ages, with some historians dating its foundation from the reign of Kenneth MacAlpin in The Auld Alliance of Scotland and France against English interests was first invoked at this time and remained active through to the s.

After James VII of Scotland II of England was deposed in amid Catholic-Protestant disputes, and as the line of Protestant Stuarts showed signs of failing as indeed occurred inEnglish fears that Scotland would select a different monarch, potentially causing conflict within Great Britain, and the bankruptcy of many Scottish nobles through the Darien scheme led to the formal union of the two kingdoms inwith the Treaty of Union and subsequent Acts of Unionto form the Kingdom of Great Britain.

Home rule movement[ edit ] Main article: A key element in this movement was the comparison with Ireland.

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The original movement broadened its political appeal and soon began to receive Liberal Party backing. When many Scots compared what they had to the Irish offer of Home Rule, the status quo was considered inadequate.

Asquith supported the concept of "Home Rule all round", whereby Scottish home rule would follow the Irish home rule proposed in the Government of Ireland Act It was first proposed in by John MacCormick and formally written in The petition "was eventually signed by two million people" [10] the population of Scotland was 5.

The covenant was ignored by the main political parties. The question of full independence, or the less controversial home ruledid not re-enter the political mainstream untilafter the famous Wind of Change speech by UK Prime Minister Harold Macmillan. This speech marked the start of a rapid decolonisation in Africa and the end of the British Empire.

Scottish independence for and against essay

The UK had already suffered the international humiliation of the Suez Crisiswhich showed that it was no longer the superpower it had been before World War II. The Unionist Party subsequently suffered a steady decline in support.

He concluded that oil would have given an independent Scotland one of the strongest currencies in Europe.

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The report went on to say that officials advised government ministers on how to take "the wind out of the SNP sails". Handed over to the incoming Labour administration and classified as secret because of Labour fears over the surge in Scottish National Party popularity, the document came to light only inwhen the SNP obtained the report under the Freedom of Information Act However, opponents demanded that a referendum be held on the issue.

Although the Labour Party and the Scottish National Party both officially supported devolutionsupport was split in both parties. Labour was divided between those who favoured devolution and those who wanted to maintain a full central Westminster government.

In the SNP, there was division between those who saw devolution as a stepping stone to independence and those who feared it might detract from that ultimate goal.

Scottish independence for and against essay

But the turnout was only of The Scotland Act was consequently repealed in March by a vote of — in Parliament. In the wake of the referendum the supporters of the bill conducted a protest campaign under the slogan "Scotland said yes".

Campaigners for a "No" vote countered that voters had been told before the referendum that failing to vote was as good as a "No". In protest, the SNP withdrew their support from the government. It passed by one vote on 28 Marchforcing the May general electionwhich was won by the Conservatives led by Margaret Thatcher.While some Scottish independence activists warn against an early poll, others say a lengthy delay could pose an even bigger threat Published: 16 May #Readytogo?

Scotland's universities stand to lose if they find themselves outside the United Kingdom, writes Christopher R. Marsicano.

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And academics elsewhere should take note of how that issue has captured little attention in the independence campaign. The two winning entries in our competition explore the arguments for and against independence and what it might mean for the academy Scottish independence essay winners.

a signatory of the US Declaration of Independence. The Scottish National Party government’s White Paper, Scotland’s Future. Scottish independence: 10 reasons for Yes and No The Scottish Government claims independence would release a period of energy, ­effort and ambition with the power to realise people’s hopes.

This essay will examine the issue of Scottish independence by providing an insight into the historical and political events that have led to the proposal to hold a referendum on the issue. It will also look in depth at the campaigns for and against Scottish independence in order to assess the approaches that each one has taken in order to.

The Scottish Government claims independence would release a period of energy, ­effort and ambition with the power to realise people’s hopes and expectations and transform the country.


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