Tu wien informatik master thesis

Didactic for Informatics General The master's programmes build on a bachelor's degree in Computer Science or Business Informatics, allowing students to enhance their knowledge and specialise. To top Entry requirements Admission to a master's programme requires a bachelor's degree in a relevant subject from a technical university or an equivalent qualification at a recognised domestic or foreign higher education establishment.

Tu wien informatik master thesis

Thesis If your are interested in doing a Praktikum, a diploma thesis, or a doctoral thesis in the area of computer security, please contact me by sending an email to this address. Note that some of the Praktika and theses are funded. That is, you get paid to be able to concentrate on the given tasks.

Topics Virus Collection Anti-virus software requires an accurate and up-to-date virus description database. Thus, it is of particular importance to get samples of unknown viruses as quickly as possible to start immediate analysis and signature generation.

This work aims to analyze current approaches to get virus samples and to develop novel techniques to obtain such samples both for SMTP-based viruses and other spreading mechanisms. The work will be funded and is performed in cooperation tu wien informatik master thesis Ikarus Software an Austria anti-virus vendor.

Excellent programming, very good networking knowledge.

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Worm Early Warning System Recent epidemics have shown the potential of fast-spreading worms to infect a large percentage of vulnerable machines within minutes.

Thus, it is imperative to stop a worm outbreak as soon as possible, using fully-automated mechanisms. This work aims to analyze current worm detection and containment approaches and to develop novel techniques to quickly and accurately detect spreading worms.

Very good programming, excellent networking knowledge. Mail Content Analysis and Spam Detection Email spam is becoming an increasing problem, and studies show that a large fraction of all email sent worldwide is unsolicited.

Current solutions such as SpamAssassin still work satisfactorily, but spammers have caught up and explicitly target the current detection mechanisms rule sets and Bayesian content analysis.

This work aims to analyze current Spam detection approaches and to develop novel techniques to separate Spam from Ham. Very good programming, very good networking knowledge, SpamAssassin knowledge favorable.

Virus Detection Anti-virus software requires an accurate and up-to-date virus description database. Currently, the number of new viruses that emerge every month reaches into the thousands.

For each virus, a precise signature needs to be specified. Thus, it is important to automate the signature generation, and to minimize false positives that occur when a signature accidentally matches a benign file. This work aims to analyze the current approaches for signature generation and to develop techniques and tools to support the fast and accurate signature generation.

Excellent programming, very good operating system knowledge, virus development knowledge favorable. Anomaly Intrusion Detection Intrusion detection is the task of detecting attacks against a network and its resources.

The idea is to build models of normal behavior. Then, any deviations from normal behavior can be flagged as an attack. We have previously built a small collection of models that analyze web service requests and operating system calls.

This work aims to analyze the effectiveness of the present models and to provide additional or improved ones. In addition, the detection domain can be extended for example, to web services. Excellent programming, good networking and operating system knowledge, background in statistics.Identifying Pattern in Clinical Guidelines eingereicht von: Monika Moser Diplomarbeit Universität Wien Fakultät für Technische Naturwissenschaften und Informatik, Technische Universität Wien Studienrichtung: Wirtschaftsinformatik This master’s thesis is embedded in the Asgaard Project, which concentrates on developing methods and.

Note that we use "master thesis" and "diploma thesis" interchangeably. At the end of their studies, every student has to write a diploma thesis.

In our group, students prepare a scientific thesis from the area of computer graphics. The European Master’s Program in Computational Logic is an international distributed Master of Science study program implemented by the computer science departments of five cooperating universities: TU Dresden, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Libera Universitá di Bolzano, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, and TU Wien.

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tu wien informatik master thesis

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Dipl.-Ing. Dipl.-Ing. rutadeltambor.com Michael Wimmer at the TU Wien Advisor: Associate Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dipl.-Ing. rutadeltambor.com Michael Wimmer This thesis would not have been possible without the help of a handful of engaged.

Technische Universität Wien DIPLOMARBEIT Information Extraction – Utilizing Table Patterns durch Burcu Yıldız Matrikelnummer Informatik (E) Weyringergasse 32/11, Wien Wien, im August 2 Table of Contents this master thesis in English.

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