Webquest lesson plan

Sample Math WebQuest 5 grades

Webquest lesson plan

I show students how to access the webquest on the classroom webpage and how they will keep track of their research on their team packet.

Webquest lesson plan

Remind students to read their job tasks before clicking on the link. I inserted the webquest as one of my classroom web pages. You can use the Webquest Document that is in the resources, under the section: The document can be copied and pasted into your web platform.

The Webquest lesson plan are embedded in the document. It is possible to do this lesson as a whole group activity and project the activity through the Smart Board or similar device.

Next I pass out the worksheet and ask teams to sign up for the job they want. I expect there will be some negotiating as individuals work out who will do what.

Inside Webquests

Once jobs have been delegated, I use the document camera to show how the worksheet matches with the titles on the webquest. Then we go to the computer lab to work on the web quest. In the computer lab, students are sitting in their teams of 4 with one computer. I move around the room to answer questions and check their work.

I use this time to discuss with teams how they may want to test a way to slow erosion. It was a little tricky having 4 students around a computer, but students worked it out. When we return from the computer lab, teams turn in completed worksheets.

If there are teams that need more time, I will plan time in the week for them to finish. All the teams needed more time to complete the webquest.

I direct students to sit on the rug and ask what we learned about erosion solutions that we could add to the KLEWS chart. Afterwards I share what I saw that went well when they worked with their teams.

When the webquest packet is complete, team's turn in their work. Later in the week we have a little celebration and Company Licenses are passed out.Scientists build background knowledge for erosion solutions to prepare them for developing their own erosion solution models.

Plan your minute lesson in Science or erosion with helpful tips from Renee Hoover. Webquest lesson plans that feature reliable websites can help to reinforce the lessons conveyed by a teacher. The Effective Use of Webquests in a Classroom Webquests .

A selection of fun lesson plans on festivals, including Valentine’s Day, Halloween and Christmas, that practise web-based skills.

WebQuest Direct- The World's Largest Searchable Directory of WebQuest Reviews.; WebQuest Portal- News and views about the WebQuest model, a constructivist lesson format used widely around the . Webquest Lesson Plans & Ideas. Webquests are useful teaching tools for educators. An imaginative webquest can capture the attention of a student as he or she learns about any number of topics. Receive free lesson plans, printables, and worksheets by email: Your Email Address. Science Web Quests. Web Quest Maker | What's A Web Quest, You Ask? by participating in this WebQuest you will become more familiar with the structural and functional organization of your body's musculoskeletal system;.

Inside Webquests Webquest: New Year. Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site. Find Webquests under Categories: History, Social Studies, Science, Miscellaneous, and links to Lesson Plan Sources. WebQuests for Kids developed by Kathi Mitchell.

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Links to selected webquests (K) under categories: Social Studies, Science, and Other Topics. This WebQuests Lesson Plan is suitable for 2nd - 5th Grade.

Pupils work together or individually to complete a WebQuest. They gather information on topics related to music.

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