Your attitude determines your altitude essay

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Your attitude determines your altitude essay

Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude I shared some strategies for refining your Personal Philosophy so that you can make sound decisions in your pursuit of the good life. This is a critical step in the success equation, because it is what we know, or our beliefs and values, that determine the choices we make in life, which either move us one step closer or one step further from our dreams.

So now that the foundation is laid, how do we start building the skyscraper?

Attitude and not your aptitude decides your altitude Essay Sample High attitude means high altitude. This is in fact the basic principle behind attitude indicators in airplanes that measure the position of aircraft with respect to the horizon. At the top of the paper was a title “Your attitude determines your altitude” at the time I had no clue what that meant. I asked her “what does this mean”, she told me that the meaning can only be discovered when I believe in the quote. Your attitude determines your altitude essay about myself. Korrelationsanalyse spss beispiel essay. Essay on chhattisgarh foundation day card salt of the earth movie essay reviews why we should protect animals essay.

This saying is a reference to flying, because the attitude, or orientation of the plane relative to the ground, literally determines how high the plane can fly. And so it is with success in life. It is our Attitude, or the orientation of our minds, that determines just how high we can fly!

While what we know determines our Personal Philosophy, it is what we feel that determines our Attitude. And in my opinion, there is nothing more powerful than attitude. How we feel about our experiences in life can either stop us in our tracks or inspire us to action.

With the wrong attitude they can be crushed by the smallest of grains. No matter how bad it hurt, how angry it made you or how much of a failure you felt you were, we all have the same two choices: In choosing the latter, we can bring our new wisdom into our current experiences and move forward toward a brighter future.

The past gave us a wealth of experiences, and the present gives us a chance to use them wisely! We all have the same 24 hours in a day…. So why do some choose to make the most of each precious minute while others choose to waste it away?

I think this boils down to our self-worth and sense of value or significance in the world. Our attitude is a manifestation of everything we feel about ourselves, and this is where our work on our personal philosophy becomes so imperative.

After all, it is the choices we make based on the knowledge we have acquired our personal philosophy that shapes our attitude!

Your attitude determines your altitude essay

This is where personal growth and development comes in to play. The journey is not always easy, but keep in mind that the very worst days experienced by someone who devotes themselves to personal growth are better than the very best days of those who do not!

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We do not feel better about ourselves for the simple reason that we do not really know ourselves. For if we truly knew ourselves — our strengths, our abilities, our resources, our depth of feeling, our sense of humor, our unique accomplishments — we would never again doubt our ability to create a better future.

Changing how we feel about ourselves begins with establishing a new philosophy about the value in each of us, particularly ourselves! Your vision has to be SO incredibly strong and crystal clear that you will jump out of bed with passion and excitement each morning and not notice that you continue to work late into the night.Your attitude determines your altitude essay about myself.

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He relied your attitude determines your altitude essay on Insights and other websites to Dbq thesis writing improve hindi essay on autobiography of a pen his skills and fight the odds. your attitude determines your altitude essay definition · The phrase "Your Attitude determines your Altitude" is a catchy double-entendre.

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Your attitude determines your altitude essay

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Attitude and not your aptitude decides your altitude | Essay Example